About? About what?

OK, so this “blog” (I have to admit I rather hate this word, but that is beside the point) has no particular purpose aside perhaps from self gratification. Hopefully it will not devolve wholly into self gratifying navel gazing or the like.

The founding premise was that I would have a medium with which to express thoughts and experiences, if for no other reason than to just share them. I have a penchant for references and quotes and hope to disperse such trifles at will. My father once told me -when I was still in high school- that I was the most sarcastic and cynical person he knew. I have had years to develop that particular aptitude. It may well come through here.

Anyways. I am just a guy who started writing this while living in Alaska. That was a number of years ago now and in that time (in no specific order) I have gotten married, moved to Arizona, adopted a small Boy, moved to Wisconsin, lost a dog but found two, ran a few foot races, and generally fumbled around through life. Somehow I am still writing this thing, though it to has gone through a few transitions.

So there you have it. If you are keen, feel free to follow along and/or comment at will.




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