Strikes and gutters

My lack of meteorological prowess notwithstanding. I was surprised that we actually did get snow last night. Even though I was out sorting and stacking firewood and playing with the dogs at one point and it was genuinely threatening to take such efforts seriously… by, you know, snowing on me.

No matter. If it is still around later today, it will likely be gone tomorrow. Actually, I rather like snow, and in fact miss a good snow pack and the outdoor opportunities that provides. Here though, it is more of a fleetingly pretty inconvenience.

The Wife made it home without incident and to nobody’s surprise, the Boy was elated. Still is. As am I.

~ ~ ~

I mentioned the notebook that I have currently been scribbling in recently. Well, as expected, once back at the daily work routine, that came to a halt. Hopefully with a reunited family unit and the opportunity to once again enlist a division of labor, I can find some time to grab a pen now and again.

In truth though that is not really the issue generally. More at fault is the job, in that it has this overwhelming ability to dominate my life. At least I have not thus far been successful at sorting out how to not allow it that power. As a result, I have no thoughts to write down in said notebook, being so consumed by the nonsense that I inadvertently haul with me out of the office.

Something’s got to give.

Anyway, I meant to bring up another question from what I had been writing in said notebook previously. Another theme, directly related to the self/others quandary, is the idea of being more to others than I have been. In principle, the work that I do is ostensibly about helping others, but somehow it never feels that way, and it comes with a lot of weird baggage. Short version, it does not fill the odd hole that I have been sensing in myself of late.

So, in an effort to push this change forward, I went and got myself ordained into the Church of the Latter Day Dude!

Yes, I admit that I can only really say that with tongue fully planted in cheek, but nevertheless…

Truth be told, I do aspire to live up to the role, facetious as it may seem to some. I strive to walk the Dudeist path and the process of getting ordained required me to “vow” (it is an online thing, so, you know, I am on my honor here…) that I would, “…uphold the principles of Dudeism: To just take it easy; to be dude (easygoing) to everyone I meet, and to keep my mind limber.”

ord cert

Honestly, those are pretty great principles and ones that I genuinely think will have a positive effect on my life. By better abiding in and of myself, I will also be a better person to others. With any luck, and the practice of keeping my mind limber, this will provide some further clarity into how better to live my life in the pursuit of being a better dude.

So there you have it.

~ ~ ~

Also, on an unrelated note, the fine folks over at have chosen one of my essays to publish on their online magazine! It will be featured on the home page tomorrow Monday, the 22nd. I will make sure to share the link then. Huzzah!


Wind and shadow

There is a storm about, so they say. Down in the valley here it is quite likely that we will get all the fury of the wind that heralds it, but little else.

The day dawned clear. An azure colored sky struck with tattered clouds glowing in a near tangerine light hinted at the day to come.

The winds have picked up as the morning has lazed past, shadows dancing in the muted light brightening the soft wooden slats of the mini blinds. The Boy is napping. The dogs moping, one with head on my foot as I type, the other longingly watches shadows flit through a beam of sunlight on the floor.

In the backyard the wind blusters with a dull roar, in the front it whistles and wails. Hard not to find the variance curious. The Wife is on her way home from southern environs, necessitating a traverse of the mountain passes between us. One hopes the crossing is not too arduous.

For my part, I am nominally feeling better, though I am uncertain at this point, what normal will actually be. I had hoped to go on an outing before the storm blew in. The dogs, if anything, desperately need it. Alas, I am still wary to venture too far from convenient facilities. I will spare the particulars. Also the winds picked up sooner than anticipated, and as noted, it is a certain small person’s nap time.

~ ~ ~

I find myself feeling a bit pensive this morning. I have hinted at change in previous posts and ponder this regularly, but am still trying to find my way through what it will be and how it will look. Perhaps it is that that is driving my mood, perhaps the wind. I will say that this is day 5 without coffee and I am particularly on edge about that. I like tea and all, but really.

The wind here can be challenging. In our two years now I have found it often a bane to be dealt with. A coworker of mine this past summer put it this way, “At home this is a tropical storm, why is everyone acting like it is just another breezy day?”

She was from Florida.

Oddly, this morning, I have a desire to go out and face it. To walk through it and let it rush over and through me. There are many things I would ask it to take with it as it blusters on its way north. Many things that I would have blown away.



Illness, with a side of insult.

Ok, you will have to forgive me on this one, as it might come out a bit bitchy.

Turns out, the antibiotic (given me to fight the sinusitis) and I don’t get along.

So, still trouble breathing, plus lingering cough and chest pain, now with the added bonus of diarrhea… for the past two days. Which means, trouble sleeping, very little food, and here is the best part… no coffee.

And they expect me to work in those conditions.

Beginning to fear that light at the end of the tunnel may well be a train.