“… has tied me to an old dead tree. Get word to April to rescue me.”

Well, it is April and this time around everything is all upside down. Cold boots and rain are less a reality than the chimney smoke lanes.

In years past, come November, I have been fond of quoting that song, and for many years it made a certain amount of sense. But as I said, this time around everything is all upside down. November will never be quite the same and as a side note, in the here and now, April is a very different animal as well.

So here it is April, my second in this place, and I find myself on edge bracing for the winds. But then, there is so much else that has me on edge, the new job not the least of which. More immediate, the Boy has been a bit under the weather and the business of feeling helpless, not being able to do anything about it is wearing on me a bit.

But I was talking about November. In a couple of weeks the Boy will be five months old. Which of course, spinning back through time, puts us smack in the middle of November. But it is not now November, but rather April. And April, as it happens, is now rife with family birthdays; the Wife, the oldest nephew, the brother, and then there is Gram who will be a whopping 99 this time around.

So why does all of this have me in a tailspin just now? No idea, maybe it is just the waiting for the wind. Maybe.

Part of it I suppose is that an underlying theme to all of this is that of family; which is in itself a confusing thing. One that has previously been a source of some consternation. And now of course it means something altogether different… and yet there is that part that always seems to be the same.

Oh well, the beat goes on I guess.

For now, the Boy examines a willow branch..Nature Boy.jpg



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