Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.



Pretty sure I have used that quote for a title/header before, but it seemed appropriate again. This modern world has made me not want to have an opinion. I suppose in many ways this is just a cop out. I do not want to pick a side, and that is not because I do not have strong… opinions, about one side or the other, it is just that the frustration and anger that come from trying to navigate those opinions has become exhausting.

And there are plenty of other exhausting influences on life just now. New job. 11 week old kid. Winter.

Politics and society in general just leave me drained. I had to walk away from Facebook, which sadly is my primary social outlet, because I was beginning to hate everyone and everything. Which of course is not a true reality, but rather one influenced by the opinions of others… many of whom I agree with. But, too much is just too much.

Trying to walk the dudeist path is not always easy, but it seems a bit easier the less outside influence I have to process. Of course that presents other problems… I am pretty anti-social as it is. Trim that much more and… well, let’s just say I have been down that particular path before. A few too many times.

Thankfully there is the Boy and the Wife and those two knucklehead dogs. And all of the rest of you. Whatever your opinions, I appreciate you for who you are. I just can’t read/listen/process any of them anymore. Lately I just want to hang out with the Boy and introduce him to my music collection, one album at a time. I like to post photos of those efforts on Facebook via Instagram. That way I do not have to actually go to Facebook and end up getting sucked in. I like to think that those little snapshots may give at least some of you a brief respite from everything. It is a mad mad world out there right now.

Anyway. Carry on. Maybe I will see you around again one day.