Four in the morning.

I could say it all started with a couple of emails from the Wife introducing me first to this:

and almost immediately thereafter, to this:

Both are wonderful and in particular the second. The nature of the inspiration and subsequently revealed “coincidence” that Rives shares in the TED talk are right up my alley.

In truth though, I am not so unfamiliar with four in the morning. Case in point, this is a line from a blog post that I wrote first as just an essay many years ago, and then published here roughly four years ago (both, incidentally, before I had ever heard of Rives or his cockamamie ideas)…

“The first rule is never drink coffee first thing; a cardinal rule. If you do, by the time you really need it (say about four AM) its effects will be less than exemplary.”

Funny, but not really that surprising. Not to me anyway. Like I said, this is just my sort of thing.

Of late, I am once again somewhat intimately familiar with four in the morning. Although at this point it is for rather different reasons. One specific reason in particular in fact. His name is Winston and for the better part of the past three weeks, since he first found his way into this world, he and I have become rather familiar with this time of day.

Winston, for his part, is generally oblivious to the potential, relative discomfort of being awake at this particular time of day. For my part, on the one hand it and I are not unfamiliar, but on the other these are different times and different circumstances. While I have more or less embraced my newly re-found intimacy with four in the morning, it is a much less productive, much more bleary eyed experience than it once was.

But here we are. This little man and I, and in most cases, here too is to be found a cup of coffee.




One thought on “Four in the morning.

  1. […] and I would carry on the rest of the night morning. I have become even more familiar with “four in the morning” than I already had been. The “shift work”routine occurred before we had to go […]

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