If only you could see what I’ve seen with your eyes.

So there is this thing going around the facebook where a person is supposed to assign you a number and you are supposed to then post that number of things that most people don’t know about you. I was just about to try to do that when I decided that I would try it out here instead. My reasoning was that much of the content of this here blog-thing has been at least somewhat about things about me… and now that I type that it makes it all sound very self-indulgent, or at least self-centered. Alas. Even so, I am curious what sort of reaction folks reading these might have and as such have sort of written them in the sense of viewing myself from the outside…trying to learn more about myself through your eyes.


Anyway, this seemed like good fodder for a post so let’s see where it leads…

Six things. Not in any particular order.

  1. Most of my childhood I had an almost wholly demoralizing fear of dogs. Well, maybe that is not right. I was most certainly afeared of some dogs, one little ankle biter named Butchie in particular. But I think in terms of “dogs” it was more of a general aversion to. I often had allergic reactions to dogs and I, as do many people, DO in point of fact have a genuine fear of not being able to breathe.
  2. Most days in my adult life if have a faint, yet persistent pining for a good ol’ long, drawn-out game of Dungeons and Dragons. While I have enjoyed the romanticized adventure version of archaeology (and at times the actual scientific version as well), so too with some science fiction, swords and sorcery fantasy adventure is where my heart and mind always lie. While I did genuinely play the game as a youth, I never did play as often, nor as many times as I would have liked. Still true. And I am talking about the paper and pencil, dice driven game, not some pc or console based video game facsimile.
  3. There once was a time when I despised both coffee and beer. Thought they were both vile, wretched concoctions… not so much these days.
  4. When in High School, I had grand plans to be an architect. Took every drafting class I could and even was a lab assistant for a semester (or quarter, or however those things were measured then). Then I learned that all modern architecture was done with AutoCad and nobody really used pencils and rulers and drafting tables and I dropped it like a hot rock.
  5. For a time in my twenties I more or less wanted to die alone in the mountains. Not in a morbid, suicidal way, just by unfortunate accident. I somehow thought it would be easier, maybe nobler in some way, than living out a life that I did not particularly value and that I saw as having no particular purpose, focus, or direction. So I climbed. Somewhat recklessly, and often alone. Twice, once in the Chugach Mountains of Alaska and once in the Funeral Mountains of Death Valley, California, I thought that time was at hand.
  6. There is a large chunk of my childhood that I have little to no memory of and I do not really know why. I cannot really define the boundaries of what is “missing”, but am always slightly uncomfortable when asked questions like “What is your earliest memory.” Thankfully that does not happen very often.

Ok, so there you have it. Six things about me. Probably more than you wanted to know and certainly more than the facebook things would normally require. Kind of fun though…


One thought on “If only you could see what I’ve seen with your eyes.

  1. Props for Roy Batty… and the OD&D.

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