Chilly dog

Cold today, both outside in the big wide world of the ‘banks and inside my head. Both are to be expected to some degree given the season. Both however presented this morning somewhat without warning. Or maybe I just had not been paying attention. The former is a clear, calm, crisp cold. Single digits now, but prior to sun up those were negative. The latter is more of a dull, ambling, draining sort of cold. A sort of dizzy, sneezy cold. Cannot really complain though as it is November. Get word to April to rescue me.

Anyways. I have not written much here of late; or much at all for that matter. Well that is not quite true as I have been writing, or at the very least editing ad nauseum, quite a bit for work lately. But that is rather a different sort of writing and truth be told partly why I have not been writing here. Like oil and water are both liquids but do not really mix, academic and… whatever kind of writing this nonsense can be qualified as, do not play well together. At least not in my experience. If too much of this type of writing creeps in to that other it could be seen as flippant or something and that just wouldn’t do.

And well, it would seem I just do not have too much to say. Well there is a lot to say but somehow I cannot seem to get it all straight and sensible enough to write out. I will say there is a new puppy and that is fun. A bit frustrating at times, but only minorly so and really that frustration is due more to impatience on my part than anything else. In fact she is peacefully napping at the moment.

I wrangled a lot over whether or not I would be ready for a “new” dog; read as the responsibility of raising and caring for and bonding to a dog that was not in point of fact the dogface. In this instance however it is about more than me. That is, WE now have the shared pleasure of taking on the above mentioned responsibility. It was a joint decision and effort to acquire said puppy and will continue to be such in the raising and training that is underway. And that is a good thing. And so for now, I will leave you with this, a photoset I call “wild animal progression”…







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