Unleash the Krazey!

Ye gads, I am on the verge of jumping out of my fraken skin. I knew that I had more weirdness in store before life returned to some semblance of normalcy…whatever that is, but this, this was unexpected. I feel like a coiled spring that is only barely restrained. I am twitchy and nervous, pacing around… yeah, pacing.


I can walk straight – more or less – without nearly as much focused effort as was required over the course of the past week. I can even navigate stairs – more or less – normally. I pushed the limits in all sorts of ways earlier today while doing the “thumbs up” rehab trick; faster, standing, feet together, one foot in front of the other, distant object. After a couple of minutes I got a bit woozy, but ultimately a dramatic improvement. I prepped, cooked, and ate a proper meal… all by myself, without much thought. I can do things more or less without intense concentration. All good things.

Problem is, my head is still – despite the advances – fuzzy. It is my body that is going all crazy… as if it is just completely fed up with this business. Shaky. Shivering, as if from cold. Ready to climb the walls… but still dizzy. Yet, even that is different. The world seems relatively stable now, but it is as if the dizziness business has turned inwards, like now I really am spinning around instead of the world spinning around me. It is as if the hyperactive state of my brain has infected my body and I feel like at any moment it will seize control and send me hurtling off down the street running in a frantic stumbling gait, cackling like a mad-man…

Which would of course, be very bad.


2 thoughts on “Unleash the Krazey!

  1. Cabin fever, my dear. We can discuss evening plans if you’d like when I get home.

    • Oh no, this is not your run of the mill cabin fever. This is some sort of manic, bat shit crazy, skin crawly, coming down cabin fever… Complete with a dizzy, nausea chaser. Yeesh

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