Damn Your Eyes

Too late. Pathological Nystagmus… seriously I could not make this shit up. Despite the fact that this particular condition sounds a whole lot to me like one of the more arcane spells available to a high level Dungeons and Dragons magician character, it is in fact yet another side effect of this Vestibular train wreck I am trying to ride out. It is party to the “bendy” visuals that I was describing yesterday.


You can learn more about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nystagmus and even watch a fun video! Essentially it is involuntary eye movement or, biphasic ocular oscillation… eyes track normal and smooth in one direction (when I look right) but jerk and bounce in the other (when I look left). So, when I am trying to do things that require me to focus – both visually and mentally – my eyes have to work overtime, as does my brain, to try to make things sensible. By the end of the day my eyes are freaking killing me because they are almost constantly moving and jerking around. That is why reading is hard and watching moving pictures of any sort can be flat out awful.

Yesterday was nausea. No obvious reason why. Today the nausea is no problem, but the dizziness is highly increased… the house is a ship on the high seas, with me bouncing off the walls when I try to move around. Shuffling my feet helps, but man, climbing the stairs is a real adventure. This whole business is because of inflammation to a super tiny part of my right ear…which is essentially now fine. Hearing is good, my ear never even hurt. But now the rest of my system is all wonky. I discovered yesterday that drumming my fingers in tune to music, something I do ALL THE DAMN TIME makes me dizzy. Wtf? Harrumph.

It is another beautiful day though and I think I will retire to the veranda to soak up some sun… can’t go to the fair and probably should refrain from drinking, though I REALLY want a beer right now. Shenanigans is off berry picking. She is reluctant to leave, not really out of fear, but you know… I am insistent though. She wants me to go with, and boy do I agree, but I just can’t make it work today, maybe tomorrow. Either way, the berries need picking; they do not last in the field forever and it is one of her very favoritest things to do. Of course I want to join her, but even more, I refuse to take that away from her. Plus, I can function ok. Most things are getting a bit easier. I made coffee for the first time in a week this morning and I successfully navigated the use of scissors… so that is something.

Anyways, another day and more weirdness to come I expect…


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