World Keeps Turning

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV); a non-life threatening, episodic sensation of uncontrollable motion or dizziness, instigated by movement of the head. It is more than just a dizzy spell, let me tell you.

How much more you ask? OK, pretend you are experiencing the worst, clammy hands, cold sweat, puking in a bag, dear god when will it stop, motion sickness you have ever known. Got it? OK, now layer that with the worst, falling down, can’t walk and can barely crawl, cheap whiskey drunk you can imagine…just before you hurl and pass out only to wake up hours later to deal with a days long hangover. Got it? OK, stick with me. Now, just for fun throw in an acid flashback or three just to get the slightly alarming, telescopic visuals in there. Now shake it all up and do that for three days.

Admittedly, this, like many things occurs on a sliding scale. It started unexpectedly and largely without warning on Friday. Felt a bit funny, thought I was hungry tried to drive to grocery store. Barely made it to the parking lot and ended up in the ER… scared. They checked me out, diagnosed me, drugged me and sent me home with a “no telling what caused it and it could last hours, could last weeks” assessment. Sunday was the worst by far. All of that business described above on full tilt. Crawling too fast would send me to the floor with the shakes and wrenching pain in the gut.

I have eaten very little since Saturday. Some parts of each day seem better, but never right. Walking is difficult, but at least I can walk now… slowly. It is better if I only turn left, but that, obviously, makes things difficult. Backwards is very bad. It is hard to call this “episodic” as it has not ceased. Granted it does exist on the scale I mentioned and can sometimes be sort of managed. At times just deep, resolute, focused breathing can fend off the nausea. Ultimately though, the only respite is laying in the fetal position on my left side.

Anyways, just thought I would share since it is a very unique and ultimately interesting experience; that something so small…that is, otoliths, or tiny crystals in the fluid of one’s inner ear…can wreak so much havoc by being slightly out of place. That said, I would avoid the experience if I were you.


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