into darkness

Dang, a whole month? I have thought several times about writing in that time, but did not quite fully realize that that much time had gone by. Now there is too much to write about and I know not where to start. I could pick up where I left off and talk about Boston and my brief misadventures there or the ensuing journeys that followed. I could write about trying to deal with both a friend and a relation having cancer and my not knowing how to truly process either and the fact that the realities of each influence my perspectives on the other. I could write about the fact that our plant starts are conspiring to strangle us in our sleep and/or the fact that it is snowing here in the ‘banks today and that that nonsense is forecast through the weekend. Or that migratory birds are dying because there is nowhere for them to set up shop since spring is not to be found around here. I could write about wedding planning, family planning, future planning. I could write about writing, about submitting a super (as in tiny, not great) short essay to a writing contest. I could write about renting my house, planning to sell my house, needing to paint my house. I could write about now having to deal with all of that damn wood in a wholly different manner than I had originally intended and barely knowing where to start or how to go about doing that or even how to fully get my head around it. I could write about…

Ugh. Maybe I will just go get a beer. Or a cup of coffee. Or a bottle of scotch. Or maybe I will just get in my truck with the fancy, new, expensive tires (because my old summer tires were junk and I needed to get the winter tires off…although given the weather’s dysfunctional behavior I question that decision) and drive, or just sit and watch the traffic go by. But I should go take the dog for a walk. I really should spend more time with her given the recent vet diagnosis… but that is hard too. Or I should set up the coop and brooder box in preparation for getting chickens… if that ever happens. But it is 36 degrees and now sleeting and I really do not want to be outside.

And then there is the fact that the new Star Trek movie just came out…



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