F#$% it, lets go bowling.

The problem with saying you are going to do something is that you really should ought to do that thing. The other option of course is to keep your intentions to your own self… honorable or otherwise.

So, what did I do? I went and did the damn fool thing of claiming in a recent post that I was going to give this blog a direction. Damn fool. What did I do next? Not much. Truth be told, I have been avoiding this thing because it was like having homework. I suddenly was in the position of having to “write an essay”. I almost failed my Freshmen English class for avoiding just that sort of thing. I even got called in front of the class so that the teacher could bawl me out for quoting Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes) rather than write an essay. We were asked to rewrite a greek myth in a modern day setting. I wrote “I cannot answer this question as it is against my religious principles.”


I thought it was worth a shot too. Actually – no – I was just being a smart ass.

Anyways, the reason I started this fool blog-thing was so that I would have an unfettered outlet for self expression. The whole point was for any updates to be based on whatever struck me at the moment… Hence the title for goodness sake. This morning I was even thinking of starting a new blog so that I could regain that sense of freedom. How weird is that? It is my bloody blog… I can write whatever I want!

So, as much as I like the idea of a photojournal-travelblog-thing…there are plenty of those out there. I may try my hand at that whenever it suits my fancy…’cause I can dammit. Or I will write about the ridiculous weather or God or building or not building or whatever…’cause I can dammit. My blog.

So… I am just getting over a bout of Strep throat…forgive my short temper and slightly delusional stance. I spent the last few days trying to convince the house that it was not – in point of fact – a ship at sea, and that I would very much appreciate it if it would stop trying to toss me about. That and staring at the wall or playing Skyrim… either of which is about what I would rather be doing now. Alas.


2 thoughts on “F#$% it, lets go bowling.

  1. It’s your blog, dammit. You can write what you want.

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