“But then if we do not ever take time, how can we ever have time?”

I guess it has been awhile since I have written last. I have been rather a bit too busy to have thoughts interesting enough to share… or perhaps instead I have not had the capacity to formulate all of the random thoughts into a cohesive jumble. I expect this attempt will not be too spectacular. There have been a lot of changes in life around here and to be perfectly honest I think I may have to come up with a new name for the blog… for reasons that I may get into later. Suffice to say there have been changes.

So, yeah… CrossFit at least three – preferably four – times a week, curling once a week, Downton once a week, then trying to fit in skiing when feasible, walking the dog (not often enough), planning for spring/summer/future. Then there is that pesky work thing that eats up so much time and of course there are always chores (like cooking, eating, and cleaning…). Additionally, today is Ash Wednesday, which previously has not meant a thing to me… still doesn’t really. I gather it is the beginning of “Lent” and all I know about that is that some people choose to give something up for a month. Some sort of attempt to emulate, or at the very least give a nod to, the trials of that Jesus cat when he is said to have spent a month in the desert…vision questing or whatever. Again, never has meant much to me, not having been particularly exposed to it. That said, given some of the things I have been pondering of late I have decided to make an interesting choice. Well, it seems interesting to me anyway. I am not going to give anything up for Lent. Not really anyway. What I have decided to do is to go to church every Sunday during that time… all the way to Easter. I guess that is how it works… starting tonight. So yeah, there is that to add to the schedule. Ash on the forehead… or so I gather.




The light is coming back around here, and the temperatures are warming. I was shoveling snow on the front deck this weekend in a t-shirt… first time I have felt warmth from the sun since last autumn sometime. It was a very nice feeling. Skiing is getting really good and we have great snow, so this needs to happen more often, but where is the time? Ah, but with more light we get more time… in a sense. The tricky thing now is scheduling. I find myself writing a lot more down lately lest I drop the ball somewhere. Like taxes… have to get taxes done. I really do not want to wait until last minute for that.

So, on top of the scheduled activities listed above there is the planning and gearing up for days to come. This, of course, is an open ended subject. Sky’s the limit and all that. But there are also things that have to be scheduled here. Garden planning; for some things the seeds need to be started well ahead of time here because of our short growing season. The first batch needs to get planted this weekend. This of course means having the seed starting set up in good working order… which at this point it is not… quite. Also have to plan (and of course carry out) the construction of a greenhouse… in place of some of the other building projects I have mentioned previously… Changes as I said. Then there is this idea of raising chickens. Never have done that before, but this is the year to start it seems. So this means preparing the coop, which is partially there. Well, there is a structure in a fenced yard that will become a coop. However there will also need to be brooder boxes, or at least one, built… and then the getting, raising, and harvesting of chickens. We got a book on it last night… so that is something anyway.

Then there is the moving; cleaning and fixing up the property, preparing a garage sale, getting the place ready to rent. Deciding what to do with the timbers and eventually dealing in some way with the remaining logs and all of the firewood. Sometimes, life seems to gallop right along whether you are settled comfortably in the saddle or not… but then I turned this wild thing loose, so I guess I have to ride it out. Now where did that come from? Horse references, WTH?

Anyway, there have been some changes… there are bound to be more. What I need to keep close through is the ability to stop and watch things roll by now and again. I like the changes. I had better, as I have set many of them in motion, but I also need to be able to stop, sit down with a nice cup of coffee, and stare into space now and again. That is taking time. That is having time. Without this ability it will not matter how many things I write down, I am likely to lose the whole list. Change is good, but I have never been much of a juggler.


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