“gettin crazy with the cheez whiz”

(adj) a phrase that describes the extremely crazy or eager antics of a person. Or how into the topic or action a person is (1). Sounds like geek behavior to me. I think I stumbled (or very nearly did) into this particular position at least once today…make that at least twice. No, make that definitely twice. Tolkien and Blade Runner get me in trouble every time. I go back and forth with the Deadwood thing too, although it has to be with the right crowd (unfortunately a rare breed in my experience). I had a friend that was certainly capable of this when discussing Pink Floyd, he knew all about their history and was happy to share it; but he was always more reserved than I. I love the Indiana Jones movies too (yes even the fourth one…and would be happy to defend that position to all of you heretics out there), but there is another friend of mine that would put me to shame if I tried to wax poetic about that particular subject…he even collected some of its relics.

I grew up hating the idea of being a geek, or a nerd, or a dork, or a dweeb, or –you know whatever the hell mean kids would call an awkward, overweight, bespectacled kid. So what if I collected comics and hated sports? I was fat, sports sucked! And comics are freaking cool! Intelligent social commentary embedded in a medium easily acceptable to most youth…seems like a good idea to me. So what if I really wanted that damn two tone jean jacket that Marty McFly wore. Actually his dad was cooler, you know the young version of his dad, played so well by Crispin Glover “You are my density, I mean destiny.”…what a guy! Like Bill Haverchuck, that guy kills me. When asked why he always seems to be smiling he answers “I watch movies in my head.” Freakin awesome. I love it! I mean it is people like that that spotted Serenity flying past a window in the new Battlestar Galactica series and got excited about it. And it is people like me that can identify with them and get excited about the prospect of my very own Dr. Who scarf. Frakin’ sweet I tell you.

In my opinion we are all geeks in our own right…at least if we accept my earlier assessment that “gettin crazy with the cheez whiz” equates to geek-like behavior. Foodies, shoe collectors, gear heads (those that make and/or collect specialized gear…such as ultralight backpacking equipment…), historians, musicians, excitable bureaucrats…if you get worked up over something that is particularly important to you…and maybe even obsess over it some…or “more than some” as Mathis says, then in my opinion you have some geek inclinations. According to this shiney Venn diagram I found on the interwebs, geek behavior implies a marriage of Intelligence and Obsession. Ever talk to an old school hot rod mechanic that loves to work on carburetors? Geek . Does not matter if s/he is covered in engine grease and wearing an AC/DC tee-shirt. Picture a room full of wine snobs swirling their glasses, admiring the nose and the legs…does not matter if they are wearing Versace and Dior…Geeks. Or what about someone learning to make their own mustache wax? How awesome is that? Who does that anymore? Geeks. Then there is that guy that gets excited about the idea of emulating the particulars of an 1100+ year old construction style. Geek.

My point is that sometimes it is really good to obsess over something…and it is even better if you can share it with other like minded individuals and talk about it at the end of the day. Geeks unite!

1. http://www.urbandictionary.com/products.php?term=gettin%20crazy%20with%20the%20cheese%20whiz&defid=2441772


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