“It’s a lonely world when you can only crack yourself up.”

So, ten posts in just about two weeks. Not that I am counting or anything. Rather I came up with a fun challenge for those of you out there that might be reading…

As I am not really working actively on “the project” lately I am bound to ramble on. Which, you know, is OK and all…but just for kicks I pose this; whoever can correctly guess the most sources for the references that comprise the post titles (just the first ten, in case I choose to ramble between now and then) can, should they so desire, pose a subject to me that I will then have to write about for the next post.

What do you say? Deal?

You have until Sunday…and no fair looking them up. I will trust your good sportsmanship!

Anyways, I hope someone takes the bait…just for fun.


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