“…but if you are a Scottish lord, then I am Mickey Mouse!”

Of course it is Scottish. Who else would throw forty pound pieces of granite across a sheet of ice? The same people that throw trees for fun. The latter, I gather is called caber tossing, the former of course is curling…my newest hobby. For the record I have had occasion to throw a few logs around of late as well and have utilized the caber toss technique…as I understand it. Not being Scottish. Not that that is a pre-requisite. Anyways, of course it is Scottish. I got to play in my first genuine game last night at the local curling club which was established in 1905. There was a chap in a kilt…one wonders how he keeps a straight face sliding along the ice in the particular curling stance thus attired…

Turns out curling is a really old game. A pond was drained in Scotland some years ago and a curling stone with the date 1511 etched on it was found. Another dating to 1551 was found nearby. The first written record of the game is from 1540. My point here is to bolster justification for my interest…as if being able to slide around on a sheet of ice with special shoes is not enough. Nor do I feel some requirement to make a case to you people…whoever you may be. Old game, big rocks, cool shoes…’nuff said.

So it has been snowing off and on for three days, not quite enough snow to ski on, but there will be soon if this keeps up. Unfortunately, the shed foundation’s frame and my work space are also getting covered up. Which means more work for me shoveling. Actually I do not mind shoveling that much; I do not have a fancy hat and a chrome shovel like William H. Macy in that movie, but you know, there are worse things one could spend time doing. I have done plenty of it in the field…archaeologist and all. Where snow is concerned, the trick is to keep up with it; don’t let it get ahead of you and don’t let changes in the weather break your back. I would rather shovel the same stretch of driveway 15 times to clear it from light fresh snow than wait until the weather either warms up and turns it to super heavy slush, or alternately gets so cold that the shovel freezes your hands and the air freezes your lungs. All said and done I would rather shovel snow in Fairbanks than in Chicago or Northern Maine or even Talkeetna. Nasty, wet, heavy stuff. Hell, there are times in Fairbanks where a leaf blower does the trick. I do not have one of those, but have used a broom many times. Which if I wanted, I could now bring this back to curling…but I will resist.

Anyways, I am just flat out rambling now. Chalk it up to transition. Change of seasons, change of times, change of behaviors. Big timbers, big rocks. Writing for no other reason than to write. Curling because I want to dammit, even though I am not Scottish. And one day I will get back to working on that shed. I still need to try out that fancy chisel…


2 thoughts on ““…but if you are a Scottish lord, then I am Mickey Mouse!”

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