The simple things.

A spider pauses in its journey across the ceiling, as seen through the spinning blades of the fan. A band I don’t know is streaming through the speaker, and Momma is reading one of the llama llama books to the Boy in the other room. One dog is curled up on her bed, the other, spent from frantically chasing her tail, mills about aimlessly.

Just another Monday night.

Yesterday I saw this installment of my recent favorite comic strip:

pig on life

Go check out more here:

I near immediately posted it to the facebook, accompanied by a note saying that I would take a hiatus for a bit, with the intention of doing something more productive with my evenings. Like writing for example. Even if it is about the uninteresting doings of a Monday night here at the homestead.

~ ~ ~

Earlier in the day yesterday, I took the dogs to what may well be my favorite local haunt. It is a place that I have explored frequently and am comfortable enough there now that I have started being able to settle in to noticing the little things, those finer details that put a different spin on the world. In changing my perspective in such a way, I have always found myself able to shut out the clamor of the bigger things. Focusing on random details in nature has always been something that brings me peace.

Today after work I went for another walk at a different haunt, one that I spent much more time at in the days and weeks after first moving to this area. A very different sort of place, it is one that, while often peaceful, always seems to foster more distraction than the other. Such that on my walk today, I had to look for the details.

The commonality is that both are “rivers” one aptly named “Little” and the other a fork of it. I like the relation, but in many ways, the two could not be farther apart. One is subtle and winding, meandering through the flats, hidden in the tall grasses, and tamed by beaver. The other is boisterous and rambunctious as it tumbles down out of and through the mountains.

Neither of them are the big rivers that I am used to. Once I stopped wishing that they were, I was able to settle in to appreciating them for what, who, they are. I am able to stop and sit or crouch on the bank and surrender to the flow, letting the current run through me. Able to listen to their voice to better hear the important things. The little things. The details that too often get lost in the shuffle of this thing we call “life”.

~ ~ ~

Poor pig is described as the stupid character of that comic strip. Granted, he is often portrayed as bumbling and confused, but I rather prefer to think of him as simple. Simple, not in a demeaning, outdated sense, but in that, like Pooh, he lives in a different version of our world; sees it in a different light. I very often sympathize with rat; with his snide, cynical, crass outlook on the world. I would like to emulate goat; the steady, somewhat disheartened, but often enlightened relationship he has with his surroundings. Yet, most often I seem to identify with pig.


“C-Bucs rule.”

Not only do I really not care a whit about sports in general, but I tend to dwell in a world so far outside the norm much of the time (at least in my own mind), that when confronted with the notion that “We are missing the Superbowl.”, my response is as reads above. A worthy reference, in that it is more or less relevant, but also fittingly obscure.


“It is a lonely world when you can only crack yourself up.”

A quote I have commented on at least once before in the 5 odd years (or is it 6 now? Who can keep up with these things?) that I have been rambling about in this blogosphere (and yes, I still think this is a preposterously stupid word…), but of course it is perfectly fitting for the subject at hand.

Anyways. Superbowl?

And, anyways, anyways, props to those that get the reference. I figure I know roughly 5 or 6 people that might get it. But I doubt most of them, if any, read this blog.

So there you have it. I think that, in just shy of 200 words, I have said effectively nothing.


Strikes and gutters

My lack of meteorological prowess notwithstanding. I was surprised that we actually did get snow last night. Even though I was out sorting and stacking firewood and playing with the dogs at one point and it was genuinely threatening to take such efforts seriously… by, you know, snowing on me.

No matter. If it is still around later today, it will likely be gone tomorrow. Actually, I rather like snow, and in fact miss a good snow pack and the outdoor opportunities that provides. Here though, it is more of a fleetingly pretty inconvenience.

The Wife made it home without incident and to nobody’s surprise, the Boy was elated. Still is. As am I.

~ ~ ~

I mentioned the notebook that I have currently been scribbling in recently. Well, as expected, once back at the daily work routine, that came to a halt. Hopefully with a reunited family unit and the opportunity to once again enlist a division of labor, I can find some time to grab a pen now and again.

In truth though that is not really the issue generally. More at fault is the job, in that it has this overwhelming ability to dominate my life. At least I have not thus far been successful at sorting out how to not allow it that power. As a result, I have no thoughts to write down in said notebook, being so consumed by the nonsense that I inadvertently haul with me out of the office.

Something’s got to give.

Anyway, I meant to bring up another question from what I had been writing in said notebook previously. Another theme, directly related to the self/others quandary, is the idea of being more to others than I have been. In principle, the work that I do is ostensibly about helping others, but somehow it never feels that way, and it comes with a lot of weird baggage. Short version, it does not fill the odd hole that I have been sensing in myself of late.

So, in an effort to push this change forward, I went and got myself ordained into the Church of the Latter Day Dude!

Yes, I admit that I can only really say that with tongue fully planted in cheek, but nevertheless…

Truth be told, I do aspire to live up to the role, facetious as it may seem to some. I strive to walk the Dudeist path and the process of getting ordained required me to “vow” (it is an online thing, so, you know, I am on my honor here…) that I would, “…uphold the principles of Dudeism: To just take it easy; to be dude (easygoing) to everyone I meet, and to keep my mind limber.”

ord cert

Honestly, those are pretty great principles and ones that I genuinely think will have a positive effect on my life. By better abiding in and of myself, I will also be a better person to others. With any luck, and the practice of keeping my mind limber, this will provide some further clarity into how better to live my life in the pursuit of being a better dude.

So there you have it.

~ ~ ~

Also, on an unrelated note, the fine folks over at have chosen one of my essays to publish on their online magazine! It will be featured on the home page tomorrow Monday, the 22nd. I will make sure to share the link then. Huzzah!